Theme reviews as a service

Since 2010, I’ve been evaluating WordPress themes – making sure things are done well and helping theme developers along the way.

In the WordPress Community, I am a senior theme reviewer and administrator. I’m also the creator of some of the most popular themes. And folks who downloaded and used my themes on their websites… they know firsthand about my support and dedication to their goals as end users.

Reviewing themes is something I love. And I’m very good at it.

Creating a WordPress theme is challenging, exciting and rewarding. But theming is not easy or quick, particularly when the work is done by one person. And when it comes time to submit your theme, you want to make a good first impression. I know; I’ve been there.

But in the push to produce, some things get overlooked. And those things can send your end users running.

Look, no one wants to ship a theme with issues. Everyone knows time constraints and the pressure to finish can introduce mistakes even the most seasoned developers miss. That’s completely normal.

But frustrated end users quickly abandon themes they don’t understand or can’t fix. And that first bad review… it never feels good.

Theme Review can help

As the first dedicated WordPress Theme Review service, we can help you make that all important stunning first impression at launch. We’ll take the pressure off with a thorough, professional review of your WordPress theme.

You’ll receive suggestions for improvements along with examples and support within 3 days of submitting your theme to us.

And you’ll be the hero at launch.

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Submit your Theme codebase (GitHub or BitBucket) to us.
  2. We’ll evaluate your theme.
  3. You’ll receive your review along with improvements, suggestions and examples.

Special thanks to Val Lynn for helping me and Sarah Gooding for publishing an amazing post on WPTavern.

Please note that our Theme Review service is our website are not affiliated with the official WordPress theme review team. Your theme will not receive any special treatment from the official theme review team nor will it be reviewed faster than the rest. Our Theme Review Service however will enable faster approval once your theme is assigned to a reviewer.