Growing organically

Just month ago, we Skyped with StudioPress founder Brian Gardner and received his recommendations for Genesis child theme reviews.

Genesis is pure code-harmony and with endless possibilities.

Last week Envato’s finest Stephen Cronin, Will Herring and Ben Fornarino helped us launch our Envato Studio service under a brand new category called Expert Feedback.

Theme Review, Co. is the first service of this type anywhere in the world but¬†if you don’t have a fat chunk of funding this can be a pretty scary thing.

With that said, being a 100% self-funded startup both Genesis and Envato Studio are definitely big deal for us.

Now the question few already asked me:

Would you accept an accelerator?

Short answer, Yes we would!

Both Justin and I are still working with our clients and individual services, this is sure future but not our primary source of income yet.

With a right push this service can also grow exponentially.

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