ThemeReview, Co. is co-owned by Justin Tadlock and Sakin Shrestha, senior reviewers at WordPress.org. It started as a brainchild of Emil Uzelac and Justin Tadlock.

We tested the theme with 3 in-house developers but we couldn’t find that many bugs, but since Emil & Justin has years of experience reviewing themes and since they are the admins of official WordPress.org, they know where to look for bugs in a theme and provide guidance on how to fix them. I want to thank both of them to find the bugs for me and help me fix them before releasing the theme to the mass. You guys saved me months of work. Now I don’t have to waste so many hours providing customer support for those bugs, because they are already fixed – Layer Themes


We are a transparent, WordPress theme review service that helps themers produce better quality themes.

Whether you have client work, a free project submission to WordPress.org, or are selling on marketplaces such as WordPress.com or ThemeForest, we are here to help.

Let us also ensure that your theme is developed by the latest WordPress guidelines, while catching a bug or two before your project lands on the market.